Fastest Job Search is offered by iTickleMe Email Reminders as a service to everyone who is involved in one of the most important searches of their lives: the search for a job.

The job search is your own personal marketing campaign. It is the one time in your life when you are marketing and selling the most important product of all: yourself.

In some ways, this is the hardest sell-job you will ever do. If you were selling hot dogs and someone didn’t buy, someone else might come along. You would be selling volume, the more hot dogs the merrier.Job hunter

But when you are selling yourself, it’s different. It’s personal. Many find it hard to wave their own flag and “boast” about themselves. Most take it personally when they are rejected. Beyond all of this, a job search can feel like a life or death struggle. You, your spouse and your kids all rely on the success of your quest for their survival.

At iTickleMe Email Reminders, we are on your side. We have created this site to provide you, the job searcher with powerful resources to make your job search the fastest ever.

Leave us not forget that, because a fast job search will involve managing a large volume of very critical follow-ups, the most powerful tool you can have in your job search is iTickleMe Email Reminders.You can try it free.

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