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Fastest Job Search » Step 2: Start a Job Search Management System
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  • Step 2: Start a Job Search Management System

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    Creating a Job Search Management System sounds like an elaborate project, but in reality nothing could be easier. A job Search Management System is nothing more than:

    • A way to keep track of all the job applications and follow-ups you have already done in your job search, and
    • A way to keep track of follow-up tasks you must perform in the future in order to keep your job search moving and effective.

    If your image of a job search involves filing online applications and waiting for responses, you are sorely mistaken and you will wait a long time for a job interview. A successful job search involves not only the initial activity of filing an application, but also the critically important follow-up activities that will make the difference between success and failure.Job search follow-up activities

    During this course, you will learn the various types of follow-up activities essential to your job search. To be effective in your job search, you will need to follow-up on every job application at least four times at appropriate moments in the future.

    At Fastest Job Search, we want to stress the importance of giving each potential employer your greatest devotion, as if it were the only company for which you want to work. Demonstrating dedication and enthusiasm will be the key to getting you hired.

    The core of this program is the creation of a system that tells you:

    • When to perform these follow-ups,
    • What the follow-ups should consist of, and
    • Empowers you with all the tools you will need to follow-up effectively.
    • Enables you to keep track of job applications and follow-ups

    iTickleMe Job Search Management System
    When you think of a Job Search Management System, you probably envision spending $100 or more on software, or filling filing cabinets with file folders with colored tabs and labels. This is NOT what iTickleMe Job Search Management System is about.Job search follow-up reminders

    Rather, iTickleMe uses the most commonly used business tool – your own email system – as the basic, fundamental tool of your Job Search Management System. Because specially configured job search follow-up emails are used to fuel your job search, you will never forget to follow up because follow-up tasks will be waiting for you in your inbox on the exact day you need to perform them.

    What is a Job Search Follow-up Email?
    A Job Search Follow-up Email is an email that you will send to yourself, but it doesn’t arrive until you need it. It will carry all the information you will need to perform a well-timed, effective follow-up in your job search. The Job Search Follow-up Email will contain:

    • The job posting
    • Company name, address, phone, contact name
    • Copy of your resume and cover letter
    • Dates list of all previous activities
    • Dates and tasks for future follow-ups

    Imagine sitting down at your computer in the morning, finding twenty or thirty Job Search Follow-up Emails in your inbox, each carrying your follow-up tasks for the day. When you open one, it immediately dishes up all the prior history of that job application. In seconds, you are up to speed. You remember the company, the job posting and your previous communications in seconds.

    Job Search Follow-up email
    Then you look at the follow-up task you have assigned yourself for that day. If your tasks is to make a phone call, go ahead and do it. The contact name and phone number are there in your Job Search Follow-up Email. If your task is to send a letter, go ahead and do it. Everything you need to accomplish the task is in front of you.

    Click the “Forward” button for your Job Search Follow-up Email, but don’t send it yet! The email is now ready to be updated with today’s activity.

    Whatever follow-up task you performed, whether it was a phone call or sending a letter, record it in the forwarded version of the Job Search Follow-up Email. If nobody answered, write “Left message, will call next week”. If you sent a letter, write “Sent letter below. Follow in 2 weeks”. Then paste a copy of that letter right in the Job Search Follow-up Email so it will be there ready for you the next time a task is required.

    When you have performed the follow-up task and recorded it along with your plan for a next follow-up, send your Job Search Follow-up Email to yourself so that it arrives at the right time in the future for your next continue follow up task.
    Job search followup email
    Q: Huh? How can I send an email “so that it arrives at the right time in the future?”

    A:Here’s the beauty and simplicity of iTickleMe Job Search Management System. Only iTickleMe allows you to send yourself emails so that they arrive exactly when you need them, enabling you to follow-up in a well-timed, well equipped way.

    Q:How can I tell iTickleMe to send my Job Search Follow-up Email back to me in, say, 2 weeks?

    A: Simple! Address your email to Your email will return to you as a Job Search Follow-up Reminder in 2 weeks. It works for days(d), weeks(w) and months(m), too.

    Q: How do I start a Job Search Management System?

    A: Sign up for a free trial at iTickleMe Email Reminders.

    In our next post, “Build a Job Search Follow-up Email” we will discuss how to build a powerful Job Search Follow-up Email.
    Job search management system

    iTickleMe Job Search GUARANTEE:

    Follow this plan for 4 months, initiating at least 10 new contacts every day (this is easy once you get the hang of it). If you don’t have a job at the end of 4 months of implementing this program and you wish to discontinue service, simply notify us at and we will refund your $19.95 in full! You have nothing to lose, and a lifetime of rewarding employment to gain. You owe it to yourself and your family to sign up right now!

    The most powerful tool you can have in your job search is iTickleMe Email Reminders.You can try it for free.


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