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Fastest Job Search » Step 9: Apply for a Job Using Shortcuts
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  • Step 9: Apply for a Job Using Shortcuts

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    Here’s where we are in the Job Search Management Program:

    • You know how to create a Job Search Follow-up Email. You know that it contains everything you will need to perform an effective job search follow-up.
    • You know how to send Job Search Follow-up Emails to yourself using iTickleMe.
    • You have placed “template” copies of your resume, cover letter, follow-up letter and thank you letter in a folder entitled “$$-MasterTemplates”
    • You know how to launch any of your master templates with 3-key shortcuts.

    There is one more piece of the infrastructure you should now do. Create a folder entitled “$$-JobSearch“. This will house all of your ongoing job search correspondences including customized resumes, cover letters, follow-ups and thank yous.
    Create a job search folder

    When you are online looking for prospects and you find a likely company, read their job posting carefully. Open a new Job Search Follow-up Email and paste the posting into the email. You will keep this email open until you have populated it with all the info you will need in the future to perform an effective job search follow-up.

    In Subject Line of Job Search Follow-up Email, enter:     Job Search: CompanyName

    Subject line of Job Search Follow-up Email

    Open your Resume template by pressing Control+Alt+R together.
    Open your Cover letter template by pressing Control+Alt+C together.

    IMPORTANT: Immediately rename template files using the naming system described below
    and save them in the $$-JobSearch folder

    You now have both files and your Job Search Follow-up Email open. Soon you will modify the resume and cover letter so that they fulfill the requirements of the job posting as much as possible. But first (and then again when you are finished with the mods) it is time to save them in a way that it will be easy to find and use in the future.

    Efficient work flow – File naming for maximum advantage
    Modify the file names as follows before saving them in the $$-JobSearch folder. Do NOT save them on top of your original templates. (Keep a backup of original templates just in case).

    Rename resume file thus:        yymmdd-MyNameResume-CompanyName
    Rename cover letter file thus:     yymmdd-MyNameCover-CompanyName

    Save both of them in the $$-JobSearch folder.

    Use this date format: YYMMDD
    YYMMDD means the date, represented as follows:

    For December 31, 2009, YYMMDD is 091231
    For January 1, 2010, YYMMDD is 100101
    For June 15, 2011, YYMMDD is 110615

    Force yourself to prefix all files with this date format. When you open the folder, all entries will be chronologically ordered. This will become very handy when files accumulate. It will also tell you when you first initiated the first contact with a new prospect.

    Also, when you rename your resume and cover, put the company name at the end, where we show “CompanyName”. Thus, if Joe Smith were to file a resume and cover letter with Kraft Foods on March 19, 2010, the file names would be:


    You have now loaded the file name with great info that will help you in your future work flow. The file name is professional enough that you will have no problem emailing the file with this exact file name to your Target Hiring Person. The reason your own name is embedded in the file name is for the benefit of the Target Hiring Person. It will help them locate your resume in the future if needed.

    When you are asked in an online job application, to attach your resume, you will easily be able to browse to the correct file and attach it, because you will see the current date and the company name.

    Modify the resume and cover letter to match, as closely as possible, the requirements of the job posting. See Step 1: Successful Online Job Application for more on this topic. If you are planning to file a pdf instead of a doc file, now is the time to convert the doc to pdf. Save the pdf to the same folder ($$-JobSearch), using the same file name as the original. When you do this, they will stay adjacent to one another in Windows Explorer and be easier to find and modify if necessary.

    The home stretch
    Add your cover letter and resume to your Job Search Follow-up Email, either as attachments, or simply pasted-in, your choice. The job posting should already be in the email as discussed above. Do some research to find the Target Hiring Person and add that person’s name, address and phone number to the top of the Job Search Follow-up Email. Select your next task, such as “Phone call in 2w” (2 weeks), and enter that at the top of the email. Then send the email to iTickleMe for return to you in the interval you want. In this case the email address would be “”

    You have now initiated two important job search activities. You have entered your job application in the way everyone else does, through the Internet. You have also programmed a follow-up aimed at the Target Hiring Person. This second path will lead you to places the rest of your competition does not dare to go: the alternate paths of communication that build relationships and ultimately get you a job!

    Shortcuts to job search files
    iTickleMe Job Search GUARANTEE:
    Follow this plan for 4 months, initiating at least 10 new contacts every day (this is easy once you get the hang of it). If you don’t have a job at the end of 4 months of implementing this program and you wish to discontinue service, simply notify us at and we will refund your $19.95 in full! You have nothing to lose, and a lifetime of rewarding employment to gain. You owe it to yourself and your family to sign up right now!

    The most powerful tool you can have in your job search is iTickleMe Email Reminders.You can try it free.


    The next most powerful tool you can have in your job search is XPShortcut.

    Job search shortcuts

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