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Fastest Job Search » Step 8: Shortcut to Resumes & Job Search Letters
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  • Step 8: Shortcut to Resumes & Job Search Letters

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    If you are now implementing our Job Search Management Program seriously, you should be at the point of realizing wonderful efficiencies in your follow-up activities. Each day as you “go to work” processing your day’s worth of Job Search Follow-Up Emails, knocking off task after task like a well-tuned machine, you will be truly amazed and proud at the amount of work you are accomplishing.

    The organizational, planning and management skills you are developing will serve you well your entire career as you encounter – and flawlessly manage – task after task in your professional life. If you continue using the work concepts presented here in your future work life, you will pull ahead of the pack with your superior skills, and co-workers will wonder how you can accomplish so much, and how you never forget to follow-up at just the right time.
    Efficiency and productivity
    But there is a way you can be even more efficient! Here comes a shameless plug for another productivity tool from the same folks (us) that brought you iTickleMe Email Reminders and Fastest Job Search. It’s called XP Shortcut. This same software is also known as Lightning Navigator.

    XP Shortcut is an amazingly useful application. (Sorry,it only works with Windows XP). It allows you to easily associate a wide variety of tasks with programmable 3-key shortcuts. By using an intuitive setup screen you can program shortcuts such as: Shortcut to efficiency

    • Shortcut to folders
    • Launch a new email
    • Shortcut to websites
    • Shortcut to FTP sites
    • Shortcut to individual files
    • Shortcut to launch applications
    • Launch a new email pre-loaded with content
    • Capture any part of your screen as an image
    • Save any image and paste it any time with a shortcut
    • Save any text and and paste it any time with a shortcut
    Here’s the setup screen:

    Shortcut setup screen
    Using XP Shortcut in your job search
    The most potent use of XP Shortcut for job hunters is the ability of XP Shortcut to open a file or generate text with a 3-key shortcut. Fasten your seat belt – you are going to like this!

    Question: What document-related activities do job-searchers perform most often?
    Answer: Revise and send resumes, revise and send cover letters, and write follow-up emails and letters.

    Question: What do these tasks have in common?
    Answer: They usually involve the revision or customization of something that was already written or created.

    Question: How can the customization of these words or documents be made more efficient?

    • By creating master templates.
    • By creating shortcuts to the master templates.
    • By creating an an efficient document work-flow.

    Creating master templates
    This part you probably already do in some fashion. Here is our method.
    Job search master folder

    1. Create a folder in your computer entitled “$$-MasterTemplates”. The purpose of the dollar signs is to signify importance, as well as to drive this folder to the top of the list when displayed.
    2. Move the latest copy of your resume into that folder and name it “MyNameResume”. Substitute your full name for “MyName”.
    3. Move the latest copy of your cover letter into that folder and name it “MyNameCover”. Substitute your full name for “MyName”.
    4. Move the latest copy of your follow-up letter into that folder and name it “MyNameFollowup”. Substitute your full name for “MyName”.
    5. Move the latest copy of your thank you letter into that folder and name it “MyNameThankYou”. Substitute your full name for “MyName”.
    6. You now have an arsenal of job search follow-up weapons in the folder. Now it’s time to create 3-key shortcuts to them.

    What is a 3-Key Shortcut?

    A 3-key shortcut is a computer task that automatically executes when you press 3 keys simultaneously. In XP Shortcut, the first two keys are always Control and Alt, so you only need to program and remember a single key for each shortcut.
    3-Key shortcut to job search templates

    For your Resume, use Control+Alt+R
    For your Cover, use Control+Alt+C
    For your Follow-up, use Control+Alt+F
    For your Thank you, use Control+Alt+T

    Creating 3-key shortcuts to templates

    1. First, be sure XP Shortcut is running. You should see a lightning bolt in the system tray at the bottom right of your screen. If not, start the program by clicking on the desktop icon.Shortcut software tray icon
    2. Right-click the system tray icon and select “Open”. This invokes the Setup Screen. Open shortcut setup screen
    3. From the drop-down menu, select the shortcut key you want. For this example, we will select C, for Cover Letter. Select shortcut key
    4. Click the “File Browse” button. In the drop-down screen, navigate to the cover letter file.Select file for shortcut
    5. Click “Open” to select.
    6. Click “Accept” to confirm the shortcut. That’s it!Accept shortcut selection
    7. Whenever you want to launch your cover letter, press Control+Alt+C simultaneously.
    8. Program the other files similarly. You will not only have an arsenal of job search weapons, but you will also now have a means for rapid deployment.

    Our next step will show you how to integrate the speed of Job Search Shortcuts into a powerful and efficient job search workflow.
    Job search shortcuts

    iTickleMe Job Search GUARANTEE:
    Follow this plan for 4 months, initiating at least 10 new contacts every day (this is easy once you get the hang of it). If you don’t have a job at the end of 4 months of implementing this program and you wish to discontinue service, simply notify us at and we will refund your $19.95 in full! You have nothing to lose, and a lifetime of rewarding employment to gain. You owe it to yourself and your family to sign up right now!

    The most powerful tool you can have in your job search is iTickleMe Email Reminders.You can try it free.


    The next most powerful tool you can have in your job search is XPShortcut.

    Job search shortcuts

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    • XP Shortcut is a sweet application! Why does it have 2 names?

    • I tried to purchase it and after paying $20 using Paypal I got nothing in return. No application to download. Am I missing something?
      I sent them an email using the email address provided by PayPal, but it came back with “unknown recipient” message. I had to cancel PayPal payment and am still bewildered what this is all about.

    • Hi Chris, thanks for bringing this problem to our attention. It works now. To buy XP Shortcut (also known as Lightning Navigator) simply go to and buy the software through Paypal at the bottom of the page using the “Pay Now” button. After payment, you will be redirected to a “Thank You” page that gives you a download link and instructions on how to get started. I hope you will try again. Thank you!

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