• Successful Job Search in 4 Months!

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    Let’s face it, you’re here because you need a job.

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    No matter your situation, don’t feel bad: over 10% of America finds themselves exactly where you are.

    Your unemployment might be recent, or maybe you’ve been on the job hunt for quite some time. You might have been laid off or maybe you just graduated from college only to enter a new, more difficult place called the “real world.”job search maze

    The number of job searchers is at an all-time high, while job availability is low. For every position, there are 6.3 unemployed for every job opening Our current times are arguably the toughest seen by job searchers in a whole generation.

    That’s the bad news. Beat your chest a few times and get over it. There is work to be done.

    Now the good news: In 2009, almost 50 million people have been hired.

    See the statistics here.

    That’s a lot more than zero. Fifty million! It’s time to start restructuring your thinking right now. Forget about languishing with your competition. Spend your valuable energy thinking about the 50 million people who were successful. They did it, and in the hardest of times! It’s time for you to think “How can I join that 50 million? What are they doing that I’m not? My goal is to join the 50 million”.Searching for a succcessful job

    What is the difference between the 50 million who were hired and the 130 million who are still looking? What special knowledge do the 1 in 4 who were hired have that the rest of us don’t? That is the question of the day, and Fastest Job Search is here with real answers.

    Why Fastest Job Search?
    Fastest Job Search was created is to help people like you reveal the secrets of a successful job search. When you are finished with this course (and it is a scientific step-by-step course), you will have gained a new level of confidence. You will feel in command because you will now know the rules of the game that bring success to those who practice it, and failure to those who don’t.

    You are your most critical marketing campaign
    Successful job hunting is very similar to successful marketing. The only real difference is that when searching for a job, you are marketing yourself, and that can be tough. But we are here to help.

    Bring scientific methods to the job search
    When scientific methods are brought to the job search, results improve dramatically. Results can be measured a number of ways: the time it takes to get a job, the appropriateness of the job for the applicant, and of course, the compensation. If you add a scientific approach and a marketing mentality to your job search, you will get your job not only faster, but when you do get hired, there will be a greater chance that it will be right for you.
    Job search marketing campaign
    Guaranteed Job Search!
    Follow this plan for 4 months, initiating at least 10 new contacts every day (this is easy once you get the hang of it). If you don’t have a job at the end of 4 months of implementing this program and you wish to discontinue service, simply notify us at support@iTickleMe.com and we will refund your $19.95 in full! You have nothing to lose, and a lifetime of rewarding employment to gain. You owe it to yourself and your family to sign up right now!

    The most powerful tool you can have in your job search is iTickleMe Email Reminders. Try it for free!